Monday, July 30, 2018

Propagation Day

I finally get back to my morning walk routine, thankfully!
I have been meaning to do so since early this year but so not motivated to do so...
I am so happy that I am back on track, a road to the leaner me (hopeful).

Now I am trying to stick to a strict schedule to have an hour morning walk Monday thru Friday, at least 4km to be done. So far I managed to do more than 4km every time. Hopefully, it will stay on.

After the morning walk, I take the opportunity to do some work in my garden.

Let's what have i done today;

Decided to re-pot my Porana (also known as Snow Vine), to a proper pot. Have been seating in the original polybag (worse omma never add any media since it arrived months ago). I have trimmed this baby for 2 times already and the first cutting I managed to propagate 2 small polybags and today I propagate another 4 cuttings into 2 small polybags.

DAY 1: Porana propagated via cuttings ~ hope it will grow beautifully (I didn't manage to keep track on the first batch I propagated, didn't know how long does it take to stabilized, hopefully, this time we will be able to keep a record - this picture as well to differentiate the leaves growth)

It's been a while since I plan to propagate this PINK DAMASK ROSE, since Kak Noreen's daughter asking for it. But my stem cutter broke so I was unable to cut the stem to propagate it. Today I am not longer in the mood to wait so I decided to cut the stem just by using a scissor and took a very healthy and your (very light green).

Media: Cocopeat + Tanah Bakar + Sekam Bakar + Clay Soil

Blueberry (Variety: Misty) - have been in the original polybag for ages and new stem growing looking very good. Today I decided to give her a bigger pot and add media.
I hope it will grow beautifully.
Media: Cocopeat + Sekam Bakar

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Kek Lapis Masam Manis

Kek Lapis Masam manis was the first Kek Lapis type I tried for the first time during Hari Raya open house at one of my colleague house back 15 years ago I think... She and her mom memang cun klu bab bab memasak and baking.... memang sedap! Sampai aii punya hati pun terpikat.

Right before Hari Raya, I saw my colleague (another different colleague ya, this one is my team mate for HQ selling the plants online), he posted in facebook he just received a box of kuih raya received from our customer who is happened to be orang Labuan baa... check punya check, ehhh kek lapis!!

Apa lagiiii CRAVINGGGGG la trussss ! Cepat2 pigi skodeng Sis Fatimah's facebook and spotted!
My most favourite kek lapis "Kek Masam Manis". Excited trus PM Sis Fatimah mau order ~ sudah PM dia baru perasan " ehhhh! lebih2 la ba, orang lain mo beraya aku pulak sibuk mau mengorder ".

Memang sah sah la kan semua fully booked. As expected la kan so, kita deal sama sis Fatimah lepas raya... and finally this week I managed to go to her gerai and get it. Actually the first one I bought from her is Kek Lapis Coklat Rice tapi mohon maaf, aii tidak sempat snap pun, lepas potong ngap terus!

Rasa manis dia just nice ~ just the way I like it... Texture pun lembut and moist.

Naaaa siapa mo order, contact sis Fatimah ya... banyak lagi jenis lain yang dia ada jual tu....
Masi Raya ni... siapa mo order untuk open house, pi order sapaattt

p/s: jangan lupa jemput saya hoccayyy!!!! my craving for rendang & lemang belum tercapai lagi ni.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Contact Us!

Here our latest contact, 

please feel free to update 

your phonebook.

Photography & Videography Services
Vivalova Memory Lane
H: +6 019 781 9020 (Viv)

Friday, June 15, 2018


Hi semua....

Today is Hari Raya, I am very happy and excited!
During Hari Raya, I get to meet my dear friends, chit chatting, while having great food...

Wishing you a sparkling and joyful Aidilfitri

May this Hari Raya Celebration be the brightest and best as you always have.

May life bring you all sorts
of joys, peace and
satisfaction you immense
goodness of health and heart
on this Eid!


Monday, May 7, 2018

My new FAV thing!

My new favourite thing has finally arrived!

Excitedly I opened the box carefully, I must say "GREAT JOB" on the packaging. Very carefully packed not even a dent on any of the boxed, superb!

First thing I try on the lipstick and instantly I fell in love with it. Not a big fan of make up stuffs not even a lipstick. In a year you can count with your finger how many times I put on lipstick (which does not even last for a whole day, the longest it stay for morning till noon). But this one, I might be wearing it more often, because it really good, it has a very light texture, soft and not too wet not too dry; just perfect!

Gaisss!!!! I am telling you... you must try it.

I have been hearing a lot of good things about ATOMY and now it is time for me to share the beauty of it.
So far I hace tried the BB cream, nutrition cream and Toner. So far, I LOVE THEM ALL!
The smell is soothing and it is not heavy type. BB cream is light and not too sticky.

Come and join our team, contact us:
📞Whatsapp atau Telegram📞

Sehari kurus... ehhhh Kursus laa

Selesai kursus ! Jangan tanya napa aiii tak de dlm group photo yerrr...

Sepanjang kursus hanya sekeping sj gambar aiii... Ini la nasib seorang photographer (hik hik hik!!!!)
Takpa laaa nakkk... yg penting makkk epppii

Friday, April 27, 2018


Officially switched from SK-II to Atomy.

Today will be sharing some of my favourite products.


Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Flashing back, 2008 my first year in this industry commercially.... I got my first DSLR camera which was Nikon D40x. First subject I shot was flower and some goes to this D750, but the different is, with D40x I had to go to Botanical Garden to look for flower, now since I have my little garden outside, I just go out and snap away...

unknown variety of fingerlime.... kena tunggu berbuah dlu baru boleh dikenalpasti

Bakawali Curly Lock (Mini Dragon Fruit) ~ ada tanda2 mau keluar bunga sudah ni....
see next photo untuk gambar close-up, buat masa ni enjoy close-up photo sj dlu la ya, until I save enough for my macro lens
Do you see it ? at the end of the stem...
my first capsicum grow from seeds last January 2018

Red Bacarra Rose ~ baru mau belajar kembang...

Longan Ping Pong sudah berbunga.... hadoooiiii lama tunggu mo dekat 2 tahun rasanya... tapi berbaloi juga sbb skrg sudah nampak berbunga. Lama berbunga dari pokok orang lain tapi itu bukan salah pokok, itu sememangnya kekurangan dari saya sendiri... 
Fragrant Plum Rose
Rose yang antara paling tidak terjaga tapi tetap tidak pernah jemu menghiburkan saya dengan kuntuman bunga yg sangat cantik!

Pokok kedondong.... sudah berbunga... hati aiii pun berbunga2
Sila lihat gambar seterusnya untuk sedikit close-up

Tu diaaa... adakah buah kendondong akan menyusul kemudian?
Mudah-mudahan lekat dan menjadi buah
boleh buat jus kendondong

Ada sedikit masalah! Apakah ini kawan, lawan atau frienemies ?

Sekian dlu for now, mau masak daaa